What Is Freedom?

What is freedom? How would you define it? Do you think that you are you free? Being free means a lot of things, but is it real freedom? What being free means: Living is a free country. Being free to do what you want. Delegating responsibilities to someone else. Being financially independent. Solving, and getting … Continue Reading…

Are You the Creator of Your Thoughts?

Have you ever examined your thoughts and beliefs and wondered, why do you think these particular thoughts, and why hold to those beliefs?

Have you ever thought whether the thoughts you think are yours, or whether they are other people’s ideas, or thoughts you have unconsciously picked from your environment?

How much has your education and upbringing shaped your mindset?
How much do TV and the news shape your opinions?

In other words, are you the creator of your thoughts, or do they come from outside of you?

Most people believe that the thoughts that they think, originate from them, and are part of them. Is this true?

A lot of people protect their beliefs and manner of thinking, and resent people opposing them. Have you ever questioned yourself, what are these beliefs and whence they came?

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