Remez SassonMy name is Remez Sasson. I am the founder of the website LookWithinYou.com, a website dedicated to meditation, inner peace, nonduality and spirituality.

I have been studying these subjects from an early age, starting with the books my father had at home. As time passed, I developed an earnest interest and enthusiasm for inner development, and did my best to utilize and devote every available moment to study, and to practice what I learned.

I have been studying and practicing various inner development methods for many years. During this time, I read many books, which were inspiring, helpful and full of practical information, especially the books on the life and teachings of the great Indian sages, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Papaji. Mouni Sadhu’s books should be mentioned too, with their excellent, clear and practical advice. William Walker Atkinson’s books about the powers of the mind, were, and still are, among my favorites.

After many years of studying, practicing and gaining practical experience, I decided to quit my steady job, and to share the knowledge and experience I have gained.

I wanted to reach as many people as I could, so I created a website dedicated to spirituality, as well as to self-improvement and positive thinking.

During the following years, the website has grown and developed, many articles were added, and the number of visitors steadily grew. In 2013, I decided to divide the website into two separate websites, each focusing on different topics:

1. LookWithinYou.com, focuses on meditation, inner peace, nonduality, spirituality and spiritual awakening.

2. SuccessConsciousness.com focuses on self-improvement, success skills and tips for life.

I have written several books, among which, are ‘Peace of Mind in Daily Life’, ‘Willpower and self-discipline’, ‘Emotional Detachment for a Better Life’, and ‘How to Focus Your Mind’. You can read about my books here. I hope you will find the books interesting and helpful.

In my books and in my articles I offer practical working methods. Theory is important, but practical advice and instructions, as well as inner work, are vital for true success.