Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher to Learn Meditation?

Learn to Meditate

Do you need a spiritual teacher to teach you how to meditate?

Do you need someone to guide and advice on how to practice meditation, or is it possible to do it on your own?

Most people feel the need for someone to guide them, advise and supervise what they are doing. This happens in every area of life, not just with meditation.

A teacher can suggest a suitable method of meditation, answer your questions, and help you avoid doing mistakes. This is exactly the role of a teacher not just when you learn to meditate, but also when you learn to drive, learn a foreign language, or learn a new job.

It might not always possible to find a teacher. In this situation, there is no need to give up. You can learn from a book, or follow the advice of a competent teacher on the Internet. However, since you do not have someone to advise and teach you directly, you might face some questions or miss some detail, and therefore, your progress might be a bit slower.

However, not having a teacher should not deter your intention to learn meditation.

A teacher need not be always a person. A teacher can be a book or a good website, where everything is explained clearly.

Though most people feel the need for a teacher, or to be a part of a learning group, some people prefer to do learn by themselves, without external help. They might do mistakes and waste time, but if they are sincere in their intention to learn, they will learn from their errors, get stronger and wiser, and eventually make progress.

The truth is that everyone has some kind of a teacher, even if he or she does not acknowledge that. A teacher can be a beginner with some knowledge and experience. A teacher can also be an expert, an authority on the subject.

Some of the teachers could be advanced spiritual teachers, and sometimes these teachers could be books, articles, or courses.

Do You Need a Teacher to Teach You Meditation?

As to the question, whether you need a spiritual teacher to teach you meditation, there are two answers.

The recommended answer is to seek a teacher. If you are not satisfied, you can always look for a new one. I would suggest that you always consult your common sense and intuition, and never follow anyone blindly and without asking questions.

If you cannot find a teacher, or prefer to learn on your own, it is also a good option.

Most people would probably prefer to have a real teacher though, but if they cannot find one, it is okay to start following instructions found in books or on the Internet.

If you are learning alone, use your common sense, search for more than one answer to your questions, be careful not to overdo anything.

As a beginner, there is no need to mediate more than 10 minutes at a time, you don’t need to sit on the floor, and you don’t need to change anything in your life. Any change should be gradual, not drastic.

Actually, meditation does not require you to make any external changes in your life. As you continue to meditate, day after day, you will discover that you are becoming a more peaceful, patient and tolerant person.

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