Glimpse of Spiritual Awakening

Expanding Your Consciousness – A Glimpse of Spiritual Awakening

Glimpse of Spiritual Awakening

When you look around you, read the newspapers, or watch the news on TV, what do you see? You see people of various nations, religions and groups, some living in harmony with others and some not in harmony. Some hate or fight each other, and others try to live in peace.

You see people with problems, living with anxiety or stress, and also people with aspirations, hope and ambitions.

Everyone thinks and looks at the world through the mind – ego – mental programming. It is like looking at the world through colored eyeglasses. Every person lives within his/her small world, which is often the only reality for him/her.

Did you try to get out of this small world, to expand your consciousness beyond it? You don’t need money to do so, or travel to some distant place. You may have had a glimpse of this inner expansion if you practice meditation.

What happens when you read about far away stars and galaxies? What happens when you see pictures from outer space? Do you feel how small Earth is and how petty and not so important are all problems, ideas, ambitions, desires, feelings and thoughts that come from the ego, and all the events on this planet?

Exercise in expanding Consciousness

Sit down and look at the picture of the galaxy above, for a minute or two (galaxy Messier. Source: European Space Agency and NASA). Now, close your eyes and imagine your consciousness expanding, filling all space around you, growing and going beyond this planet and the Solar System, and beyond this galaxy. It is as though your consciousness is filling all space.

Where are you now, and who are you? Does all the petty gossip, politics, climate issues, work, financial situation and all problems on Earth mean anything now? Stay a while in this consciousness if you can, and then slowly contract your consciousness return back to Earth and to your body and familiar world. wait a moment before opening your eyes and getting up. How do you feel now? How is the state of your mind?

Did this exercise make a change in your attitude toward the world? Are you a little more detached now? Did your perspective, and the way you see your world, and the world around you change a little?

What you have done now is similar to spiritual awakening. You let your consciousness expand beyond your ego – personality. Spiritual awakening is like bursting into outer space, beyond the body and ego, beyond Earth, beyond the Solar System and beyond our Galaxy, the Milky Way. It is a state in which the Consciousness, the real you, is not tied down by the ego – personality.

Spiritual awakening takes you beyond mental, emotional and physical barriers and you enjoy bliss and inner peace. The exercise described above can give a glimpse of this state.

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