The Experience of Meditation

Do you meditate? Have you wondered what happens when you meditate deeply?

What is the experience of meditation in its deeper higher forms?

You are sitting alone in a quiet place practicing meditation. Slowly, the rush of thoughts slows down. The silence gaps between one thought to the other get longer.

You are beginning to experience relaxation and inner peace.

There are a few itches, some pain or tension in your body, but as your concentration deepens, you become less aware of the body and its sensations.

You feel now calm and happy. Worries and cares disappear. You are still conscious of your surroundings, but as if transported into a new dimension.

A few thoughts may still enter your mind, but they are weak now. they don’t have the power to distract your attention, and therefore, you can easily disregard them.

As your meditation gets deeper, fewer and fewer thoughts claim your attention, until they cease. You feel blissful and at peace now.

Though you are not thinking now, and you can completely ignore your surroundings, you are completely aware of your consciousness, and feeling completely alive.

You experience yourself now as pure essence, not just as an individual, personality, or body. You forget about your physical life, family, work, status and financial condition. There is no identification with anything. You feel formless and vast. Your consciousness is now free from the body, emotions and mind.

  • Are you asleep now? No!
  • Are you daydreaming? No!
  • Are you unconscious? No!

You are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, which is different from the ordinary and familiar consciousness.

Where are your thoughts, emotions and body? At this moment, only your consciousness – awareness exists now.

When the clouds of thoughts and emotions disappear during deep meditation, the Consciousness within, which is the Real You, shines alone.

At this moment, you experience the “Great Emptiness”, which is full of happiness, consciousness, existence, life and power. You experience Reality, as it is.

This experience of meditation is possible, but only if you treat meditation seriously and earnestly and practice regularly.

The way is open, but you have to walk on the path of meditation, in order to experience what has been described here.

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