How to Avoid Headaches in Meditation

Some people report that they experience headaches when meditating or after meditation sessions. There are several reasons for these headaches.

The mind needs some time to adjust to meditation. It is usually restless and unfocused, and meditation requires a focused mind, and as few thoughts as possible. Since the mind is not accustomed to a state of calmness and focus, it resists this new situation. This resistance, together with the pressure on the mind, caused by the focus and meditation, cause headaches.

This is the same situation when you feel your muscles and body aching after working out or walking, when you are not accustomed to do so.

In addition to the above, there is another factor contributing to headaches. Do you tense and contract your body when you focus your mind? Many do so instinctively, as if this will help them concentrate. This is a mistake. Tensing the body doesn’t aid concentration. It just wastes energy and can cause exhaustion and headaches.

How to avoid headaches in meditation?

1) When meditating, sit comfortably with your back straight.

2) Take a few deep breaths before starting to meditate.

3) Be aware of any tension in your body and relax it.

4) Remember, keeping your body tense, and tensing your lips and forehead do not asisst concentration and meditation, but they can cause headaches.

5) When you feel that your head is starting to ache, stop meditating. Don’t tense your mind and brain too much. In time, your mind would get accustomed to meditating and the headaches will leave you.

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