Living in Pure Awareness

Pure Awareness

Nowadays, there is so much talk about Self Realization, enlightenment and freedom. We hear and read about the mind, concentration, meditation, and inner growth techniques. People search, read, study and wander about, to find the answer to their true identity and the reason they are here.

This thing has been going on throughout all the ages, but how many of all the seekers have found what they were looking for?

All are looking for something, and that’s the problem. There is someone seeking and looking for someone or something else. It is like looking for your eyeglasses, while you are actually wearing them. The one who is searching is the subject and object. The seeker is the one being searched for. Pay attention to your consciousness and you have found yourself.

You do not have to search for anything external. What you are seeking is inside you, no, it is you. It is not the body, emotions or thoughts. It is the feeling of Being, of Awareness.

Let’s clarify what has been just said.

A thought comes to our mind, and then another onr replaces it. It is a very fast process, of which we are hardly aware.

If we develop a strong concentration, by practicing a suitable training course, we become more conscious of our thoughts, and of their coming and going. A we gain more control of our thoughts, fewer thoughts pass through the mind per minute. Under these conditions, we become aware intervals between one thought and the other. This might be just a second, or a split second of quietude. There are no thoughts, there is emptiness, but there is full and sweet awareness. At this moment, we just exist in pure awareness.

Consciousness with no thoughts

We also experience this interval without thoughts, upon waking from sleep, and also a moment before falling asleep. We are usually dimly conscious of it, as we are not trained to discern it. If you pay attention to these moments of consciousness with no thoughts, in time, you would become more and more aware of them.

At the time before falling asleep and losing consciousness, thoughts and identity are dropped away. There is no consciousness of the ego and the environment. The same thing happens immediately upon waking up, before becoming conscious of the identity as body, feelings, thoughts and ego. This is a time of non-identification, when we just exist, not as this or that, but just as Pure Existence.

This consciousness also emerges when watching a beautiful sunset, or a beautiful painting. In times, when fears or worries drop away, you might also experience this feeling-awareness. When you are engrossed in some interesting absorbing activity you lose consciousness of yourself, but later, when you think about it, you remember that you were aware of yourself, but in a different way.

Pure Awareness

You say, “I walk”, “I talk”, “I eat”, “I work”, “I think”, “I feel”, etc’. Drop the verbs “walk”, “talk”, “eat”, “work”, “think”, “feel”, and what remains? Just the “I”, just “Being”. It is possible just to BE, to be “Aware”, without any attached actions or descriptions. This is Pure Awareness. It is your, and everyone’s natural state of existence.

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When in deep sleep, we are not conscious of anything in particular, and there are no thoughts, feelings, worries, or desires. There is nothing, but yet, we exist. It seems like a state of nothingness, but it is more a state of “clean awareness”.

Upon awakening up, we remember that we experienced “nothingness”, and a sort of “emptiness”. Since, we remember experiencing a state of “nothingness”, therefore, there was no total unconsciousness. These experiences give you an idea of what it is to experience the feeling of “Being”, without thoughts.

Do you enjoy deep sleep with no dreams? It is relaxing and enjoyable sleep, but without the ordinary consciousness with thoughts worries and anxiety. This state can be enjoyed, even while being fully conscious and active, but this require inner work, concentration and meditation.

We can develop the ability to be aware and feel our “sense of Being”. We live in pure awareness, when we don’t identify with, or get absorbed in our thoughts and ego. for this we need emotional detachment.

These are lucid, real experiences for the people who manage to live in them. but the way is open for everyone. All we have to do is to open our eyes, and enter the path to pure awareness, which is actually “Self-rediscovery”.

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