Meditation Is a Pleasant Experience


Imagine yourself standing on the beach, watching the waves rushing to the shore and then returning back to the ocean. Feel the cool, pleasant breeze, and breathe the intoxicating smell of the ocean.

Tune in to the feeling of calmness that you experience now.

Stay with this image and feeling for a while. It is pleasant, isn’t it?

This scene is taking place in your imagination and is not real. However, you are able to create an experience that feels like being real.

For a few moments you were in a meditative state. You were practicing meditation.
Was it difficult? No, I would say that it was a pleasant experience.

Even daydreaming, to a certain extent, resembles meditation. The difference is that in meditation you need to focus your mind, and not let it wander where it wants, unlike daydreaming, where the mind left free to roam where it wants.

Actually, not all meditations focus on mental images. You might also meditate on ideas, inspiring sentences, psitive qualities, objects, sounds, or on nothing at all.

Meditation began gaining popularity during the second half of the twentieth century, and more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. However, many regard meditation only as a means to relax the body and mind, when actually, it is a lot more than this.

Life in the West is full of tension and rush, and therefore, meditation is becoming recognized as an effective technique for relaxing the body and the mind. Relaxation is very important, but it is only one of the results of meditation.

After gaining some experience, you will start to like meditation. It will turn into a pleasant experience.

What Are the Benefits and Goals of Meditation?

  • Meditation relaxes the body, calms the mind, and minimizes tension.
  • After a period of practice, the racing and rushing of thoughts in the mind slow down, not only during meditation, but also in daily life.
  • Gradually, you willl experience more happiness, tolerance, understanding, and a feeling of inner strength.
  • Your ability to focus your mind will get stronger
  • Your mind will become stronger and under your control
  • Your ability to enjoy the present moment would increase
  • The tendency to criticize, lack of satisfaction, and blaming others would decrease.

Nowadays, there are many books about meditation. There are lectures and workshops too, so it is quite easy to find information about meditation, or someone to guide you.

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Remez Sasson

writes and teaches, through his articles and books, about inner growth and awakening, peace of mind, and developing one's inner powers. He is the founder of, a website about meditation, inner peace and spirituality.

2 thoughts on “Meditation Is a Pleasant Experience

  1. Great post on benefits of meditation. I like the part about creating an experience that feels real. Meditation helps me to gain more insight into the nature of my own mind. As I calm my mind, my mind finds its own natural state of peace and wellness. Everything we need to develop an abundant life is already within us. I felt peace while experiencing this post. Thanks, Mr. Sasson

  2. Hello Greg,

    Thank you for your positive feedback about the post.

    You are right, everything we need is already within us, including inner peace.

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