Meditation Quotes to Inspire and Calm the Mind

Inspiring words about meditation written by Remez Sasson

“Plant the seed of meditation, and you will reap the fruit of peace of mind.”

“Meditation and concentration are the tools for a life of serenity and tranquility.”

“Your mind is an instrument that you use every day. How you use it, affects your life and your future.”

“The body needs material food every day. The soul needs spiritual food.”

“When you are able to calm down your mind and your five senses, you become conscious of your always-present inner Self.”

“When you relax your your mind and let go, your Spirit soars high, and you enjoy the taste of inner peace and freedom from restless thinking.”

“Meditation is the gateway, through which you arrive to the world of inner freedom and bliss.”

“When you have a problem, meditate on it, ask for guidance, and the answer will come, during the meditation or afterwards.”

“Make meditation a daily practice, and it will soon turn into a habit.”

“When you meditate, a lot of thoughts rise, trying to make you forget to meditate. If you give in to these thoughts, you will make no progress. If you keep bringing your mind to the meditation, in spite of the distractions of the mind, your thoughts will eventually give in.”

“Attention tends to wander. It tends to flow toward whatever attracts it. Tie your attention with resolve and intent to what you are doing, and your mind will learn to stay where you direct it.”

“A calm mind is not disturbed by the waves of thoughts.”

“Calm the winds of your thoughts, and there will be no waves on the ocean of your mind.”

“Meditate daily, and soon your inner strength and mind power will grow.”

“A beginner needs a quiet place to meditate. Someone with more experience can meditate everywhere and under all circumstances.”

“Even experts had to take the first step, so can you.”

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