Meditation – The Antidote for Tension and Worries

Meditation - Antidote for Tension and Worries

Meditation has always been recognized as the antidote and remedy for tension, worry and fear. It is not a magical medicine, and the results do not show overnight, but they are assured, if you commit yourself to meditate each day.

We are living in a world full of tensions and worries. Work, relationships, financial conditions, health, dangers and fears provide enough fuel for tension and worries. They prevent inner peace, produce toxins in the body, injure the health and disturb life.

The mind and the body need something, to relax and calm them down, and this is one of the roles of meditation. Its effects last not only during the time you sit down to meditate, but throughout the day.

The importance of First Hand Experience of Meditation

You might find it is difficult to start to meditate, because you do not have the motivation to do so. You might also feel the need for proof of the benefits of meditation, before you begin.

The best proof you can gather is through your personal, direct experience. It is good and helpful to read about other people’s experiences, but it is much better to gain first hand experience.

If you approach meditation with interest and love, you will develop the patience and persistence necessary for success. Soon, the twenty minutes will extend to thirty minutes and even longer.

As in every other area, here too, when you start to see results, your ambition and desire to succeed grows.

Meditation Techniques

Choose to follow a meditation technique that you feel comfortable with. You might first need to experiment a little. Do not force yourself to do something that you do not like to do. This produces tension, which you should avoid.

Peace and Relaxation

After practicing for some time, you will see how your inner peace level grows, and situations that previously caused you worry and tension lose their power to affect you. You will find that physical, emotional and mental tensions gradually start to diminish, and the door to peace of mind opens for you.

The act of meditating gradually, takes your mind and thoughts, away from your immediate environment. The flow of stimulus from the environment and mind diminishes gradually, and both mind and body relax. This affects the metabolism, cleanses it from toxins, and provides renewed energy and peace of mind.

Meditation is the antidote for tensions, fears and worries that people go through. Its accumulated effects make it easier to stay calm under difficult situations, and thus get over them or steer away from them.

Meditation gives you not only peace of mind, but it also increases your inner strength, willpower, and self discipline. It is an important tool for a happier and more relaxed life for everyone, no matter where he lives and what he does.

Meditation is a great tool not only for the seeker after spiritual awakening and enlightenment, but for the ordinary person, who wishes to live a calm and peaceful life and to preserve his sanity in a hectic world. It enables you to free yourself from tension and unnecessary thinking, and opens the door to happiness and inner peace.

In its higher levels, meditation opens the door to spiritual awakening.

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