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Mouni sadhuMouni Sadhu was an occultist, a spiritual teacher and author, who lived in the 20th century. He was born in 1897, some sources stating Poland as his place of birth, while others say he was born in Russia.

Mouni Sadhu studied and practiced occultism and magic for years, but after reading Paul Brunton’s book, “A search in Secret India”, his focus in life changed.

He was fascinated by Paul Brunton’s account about his meeting and conversation with the Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi, and from then on, he developed a strong interest in the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, aiming to self-realization.

At that time he was living in Paris, but in 1946 he moved to Brazil. In 1949, Mouni Sadhu visited Sri Ramana Maharshi at his ashram in Tiruvannamalai, where his spiritual quest reached its heights. Later, he narrated his experiences at the ashram in his book “In Days of Peace”.

In 1948, Mouni Sadhu immigrated to Australia, and settled there.

Mouni Sadhu’s Books

Mouni Sadhu wrote seven books, all of them very practical and full of useful information and advice, written from his rich experience. His books cover subjects such as concentration, meditation, spiritual growth, the higher consciousness Theurgy and the Tarot.

If you are a spiritual seeker desiring to gain control over your mind, to understand what the mind is, and to find who you really are, then Mouni Sadhu books have much to offer you.

One of his books is called “In Days of peace”. This is a diary of a spiritual seeker, and is a captivating inspirational, and lucid account of his spiritual experiences. I have read this book many times, the mere reading of a few paragraph was enough to bring a great sense of inner peace and bliss.

Another book is “Concentration – a guide to mental mastery”, which is in my opinion the best book about developing the power of concentration. The exercises are a not easy to perform, and not everyone might be able to practice them all, but even practicing only the first ones, would improve the concentration and the ability to calm down the mind.

Another one of his books is “Samadhi – the superconsciousness of the future”. It is a sequel to his other two books, and was written from his personal experience. It is a must for anyone wishing to raise his consciousness to high spiritual levels. It is rare to find such lucid descriptions, instructions and guidance about the higher consciousness. Just reading it can transform your consciousness and bring it to a higher dimension.

It is difficult to describe spiritual experiences in words, because the mind, which is responsible for talking and writing, has to be silent during these experiences. Yet, Mouni Sadhu had the talent of expressing clearly and logically these experiences, so as to make it easier for others to walk on the same path.

His book “Ways to self-realization” examines the paths leading to self-realization. Its subtitle, explains clearly what the book is about: “A modern evaluation of occultism and spiritual paths”.

“Meditation” is a a book with practical information about meditation, leading the seeker through various stages of meditation to self-realization. This does not mean that by reading the book one gains self-realization. To gain it one needs inner work and persistence. In this book the author brought a wealth of information about concentration, meditation, the mind and what lies beyond it. It is an extensive and useful guide to meditation.

Another one of his books is “The Tarot”. This book is not about divination, and does not teach how to read the Tarot cards. The book analyzes each card from the standpoint of psychology, occultism and magic. In this book. the author speaks from his rich personal experience about the inner powers symbolized by each card, and points to practical ways of using the powers of the mind and of magic.

In his last book, “Theurgy – The art of effective worship”, he teaches about the power of prayers, with explanations, instructions and examples.

Mouni Sadhu’s books offer the reader real, practical information and instructions, not mere theories. Few books describe the spiritual consciousness and the steps to self-realization, as lucidly as he does, and offer the reader practical tools and guidance to pass from theory to real experience.

I have come across Mouni Sadhu’s books many years ago. One day, while walking by a certain bookstore, I stopped by and entered inside to see if there was anything interesting. A certain book immediately caught my attention. It was Mouni Sadhu’s book, “Meditation”. I picked it up and browsed through it, and was immediately fascinated by it. I bought it, took it home and started reading it.

It was through this book that I came to know about Mouni Sadhu, and became acquainted with his other books, all of which I have purchased and read many times. It was also through his books that I first read about the Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Before reading his books, I was aware of the importance of the power of concentration, but after reading “Concentration – A guide to mental mastery”, I came to realize how important concentration is, not just for spiritual growth, but also for using the powers of the mind, for success, and for handling the affairs of everyday life. This led me to follow and practice the exercises in this book, which took time and required effort, but were also very rewarding.

Mouni Sadhu’s books

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