Overcoming Obstacles on the Inner Path

People who follow self improvement or spiritual growth techniques, such as concentration, meditation willpower or self discipline, sometimes get bored, lose interest and desire to quit.

There are many reasons why this might happen. If you over practice, your body and mind might resist your efforts. If this is the case, reduce the time you spend on the exercises. Sometimes, doing less is actually doing more.

Like it is with everything else, so it is on the inner path, there comes a time when one becomes bored or tired. In this case it would help, if you were able to motivate yourself to continue. You can do so by thinking often about the benefits of self-improvement or spiritual growth, and by reading about people who practiced what you are doing now and about their success.

There is another point to remember. The mind does not like to be controlled. It wants to stay free and undisciplined. Willpower, self discipline, concentration and meditation are aimed to control the mind and make it obedient to you. When the mind realizes that it is going to lose its freedom, it uses various ways to prevent you from controlling it. It might make you desire to stop the exercises, feel uncertain about the usefulness of what you are doing, make you feel you are wasting your time or just make feel too lazy.

Sometimes, one feels as if he or she is being tempted to stop what they are doing. This is the time to show inner strength and discipline. The inner path requires time, devotion and perseverance.

You can help yourself by reading inspiring literature, thinking about what success would mean, not overdoing the exercises, and not obeying the desire to quit.

Sometimes, people say that they feel they are losing interest in material things. It is natural, while on the path of spiritual growth, to lose some interest in the material life. One has to use common sense when this happens, and find the balance between the material and spiritual life.

It is quite possible to live in both the spiritual and material worlds at the same time. There are people who live in ashrams, who do not care about the material life and about possessions, and there are people who work, have family and possessions, and yet, are intensive in their spiritual quest.

It possible to go caring about your business, doing the best you can, and the same time have your consciousness, as if in another dimension.

Change and transformation happen on the inner plane and not necessarily on the material plane.

Spiritual progress happens inside you, while your external life could continue with almost no change.

You may continue working and living the same external life, and at the same time practice self improvement and spiritual growth techniques. As you progress, you will develop some kind of inner detachment, which will allow you to function harmoniously, both on the spiritual and material levels. You will be able continue with your work, job and relationships, but with a kind of free and detached frame of mind.

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