5 Reasons Why You Need to Learn How to Quiet Your Mind

Quiet Your Mind

Is your mind constantly restless, jumping from one thought to another? This is the usual state of affairs for most people.

Most people are not aware of what is going on in their minds. It is the natural state of affairs for their mind to be constantly thinking from morning to night, without stopping for a moment.

When do you become aware of the restlessness of your mind? This usually happens when you need to focus it on something. Then, you become acutely aware that you have no control of your mind, and that it constantly running from one thought to another.

If you meditate, I am sure you are more acutely aware than most people of the restlessness of the mind. Once and again, while meditating, you suddenly become aware that your mind has strayed away and you forgot the meditation. Time and again, you need to bring your mind back to the meditation.

There are many reasons why you need to learn to quiet your mind. Below you will find five main reasons.

5 reasons why you need to learn how to quiet your mind

1. A quiet mind works better than a restless mind

When you the mind is quiet it is easier to focus it. There is no restlessness and jumping from one thought to another. This helps you focus your attention on whatever you do, and enhances reason and common sense, and the ability to handle more efficiently the daily affairs of life.

2. A quiet mind is the antidote for stress

You cannot be stressed when your mind is in a state of peace. A quiet mind releases both mental stress and physical strain, conserves your energy and protects your health.

3. A quiet mind is essential for meditation

Suppose you sit down to meditate for half an hour. How much of this time do you actually meditate, and how many minutes do you think irrelevant thoughts?

While meditating, how many times does your mind wander to problems and worries? How many times do you think about things you need to do, about your work, family or friends? How many times do you catch yourself daydreaming instead of meditating?

A quiet mind is a great asset for meditation, enabling you to stay focused, poised and calm.

The quieter your mind is the less it is likely to get distracted.

4. A restless mind hides your inner self

You cannot see the bottom of a lake if there are waves or the water is muddy, but once the waves disappear and the mud settles down, you can see the bottom. So it is with the mind and thoughts.

The mind is the sea and thoughts are the waves and the mud. Only when the mind is quiet you can see deep inside you and discover what is beyond your mind and thoughts.

When thoughts run non-stop in the mind they constantly pull your attention here and there, never allowing you to look deeper, but when the mind quiet, it is different. When the mind is quiet, nothing pulls your attention, and you can see beyond the mind.

It is only when can silence your mind that you go beyond the mind. When you go beyond the mind, you discover a whole new world of calmness, happiness and power, and see the world and people in a whole new light.

5. A quiet mind is the gate to inner knowledge

The mind is a great and useful instrument, but only when you go beyond it you discover your “Inner Self”. Thoughts, desires, worries and fears hide your “Inner Self”, and by stripping them away, which you do by silencing the mind, you come to realize your “Inner Self” and who you really are.

How can you quiet your mind?
Quieting the mind is a gradual process that requires inner work. There are several ways to do so. The main roads leading to it are concentration, meditation and emotional detachment.

You can also find practical, and step by step instructions and guidance in the books:
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