A Separate Soul or One Spirit?

Do you believe you have a soul? Wait, before you answer. If you believe that you have a soul, it is like saying that it is something that you own, then who is it that owns this soul? Who is it that says that he or she owns a soul? Is it your body or maybe your mind saying so? Are there two entities, you and a soul? If this is so, that you are not the soul, you only own one. Confusing?

Could it be the other way around, and that you are the soul, who owns or inhabits a body?

There is another option. Consider the option that there is just one entity, spirit, soul, power, God, the terminology is not so important, which fills the whole Universe, and which activates and manifests through different forms that we call trees, planets animals and people.

This power is like electricity that comes from the same powerhouse, and which activates many different electrical instruments.

If you accept this idea, you will have to accept that all differences between people, nations and religions is only apparent. All are part of one indivisible power, which manifests through different vehicles.

As the brain and the nerve system of each individual is built a bit different from others, the Spirit manifests in the external world differently through each body, which makes the differences between people.

Taking electricity again as an example, it is the same power that makes an oven, a vacuum cleaner or a radio work. Each instrument was built for a different purpose and was constructed differently. It is the same with all living forms. There are differences in the outer form, behavior and ideas of people, but yet, it is the same Spirit – Consciousness making them all active and alive. It is the same consciousness manifesting through different vehicles.

Complicated? Not really, if you think a little about this subject.

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