Spiritual Growth Benefits and Tips

Spiritual Growth Benefits

Spiritual growth is an inner process, not only for people seeking spiritual awakening, and who live in monasteries or ashrams, but for every one.

Spiritual growth is essential for a better, happier and more harmonious life, free of tension and strain, fear and anxiety.

What is spiritual growth?

Actually, this term is not correct and is misleading. The spirit is perfect and does not need to grow. It needs to ‘awaken’ and know itself. The spirit is already an inseparable part of the One Spirit, which is present everywhere. This knowledge and understanding is hidden beneath thoughts, desires, feelings and habits. What you need to do is to remove everything that hides this knowledge and understanding.

Spiritual growth is the process of getting rid of wrong concepts, thoughts and beliefs about who you are and about the world in which you live. Through this process, you increase your awareness of your real essence, which is beyond the ego and the personality.

In this process you drop negative and limiting habits, erroneous thoughts and beliefs, and let the inner self within you shine out.

It is a process of looking inside you, shedding your illusions and uncovering your true essence, which is always present, but hidden beyond the ego-personality.

Seems too far fetched? No, it isn’t. I am not stating anything new or extraordinary.

Spiritual growth benefits:

Realization of who you really are.

Increased feeling of happiness and bliss.

Experiencing a state of inner peace.

Circumstances and situations do not affect your state of mind.

Becoming more patient and tolerant.

The ability to rise above frustration, disappointment and negative feelings.

Increased inner strength and confidence.

More common sense and seeing things as they really are.
Imagine a radiant bulb of light, hidden beneath layers of various materials. In order to let the light of the bulb shine out and illuminate the surroundings, you do not have to increase the light or change the bulb. All you have to do is to take away the layers that are covering it. As you remove a layer after layer, the light becomes stronger and shines more radiantly.

How do you remove the layers that are covering the light of your inner self? This requires some inner work.

You can do this inner work, without changing anything in your environment. You don’t need to go and live in an ashram. All you need is a strong desire, perseverance and planning your day right, so that you find the time for this inner work.

Spiritual growth tips:

  1. Learn to focus your mind and remove unnecessary thoughts.
  2. Practice meditation every day.
  3. Read spiritual literature and spiritual quotes.
  4. Associate with people, who went through this process.
  5. Developing a certain degree of emotional detachment would be very useful, so that outside conditions would have less effect on your mind and moods.
  6. Acknowledge the fact that you are a spirit with a physical body, not a physical body with a spirit. If you can accept this idea, it will change your attitude toward many things in your life.
  7. Look inside you, and try to find out what it is that makes you feel alive.
  8. Always try to look at the bright side of life. Your inner self is stronger than your circumstances. Don’t let circumstances and situations dictate to you how to feel or think.
  9. Endeavor to focus your attention on everything you do, instead of letting your attention go wherever it desires.
  10. Do your best to be tolerant, patient, tactful and considerate.

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  1. Focusing on my spiritual growth has helped me become a better person over the years. I like how you mention that as you grow spiritually, you drop negative and limiting habits and let your inner self shine. I think more people should consider focusing more on this in their life because they would become a lot happier.

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