The Ego, Inner Peace and Inner Silence

Nobody desires problems, difficulties or obstacles, but yet, though it might seem strange, people prefer them to inner peace. There is desire for peace and freedom from everyday problems, yet, there is fear that inner peace might take away the feeling of being alive and active, and make you an indifferent person with boring life. Most people prefer to stick with the familiar, even though they know it is not in their best interest. How strange it is!

The ego, which is composed of one’s mind, thoughts and habits, is afraid of inner peace and inner silence, because it fears it might cease to exist in such a condition. If there is inner peace and silence, it means there are no thoughts, so where will the ego be? If the mind is silent there is no ego, and the ego objects this state of affairs.

Inner peace and silence often cause the ego to cease existing temporarily or permanently. Does this mean that you cease to exist? Are you the ego, or something higher than the ego, which is your tool of communication with the external world?

You, the real you, are not the ego. You are not your mind and thoughts. Thoughts pass through your mind, and you express them through words, which are the children of thoughts. The mind keeps bringing up thoughts, which constantly come and go, but these thoughts are not really you, but only tools that you use. Thoughts and habits change, but, you, the real you, do not change.

The spirit, the real you, expresses itself through this ego, and this often leads to the erroneous belief that you are actually the ego. If the ego is in a state of inactivity, such as when there is inner peace and silence, you wrongly assume that you cease to exist, but experience shows otherwise.

In a state of inner peace and silence you do not cease to exist. Actually, you feel much more alive. In such a state there is a sense of happiness, which is not dependent on external circumstances. And though it might seem strange to you, the mind is more focused, the senses are sharper, intuition is heightened, and you perceive and comprehend everything faster. This is because your mental energies become focused and not dissipated.

In a state of inner peace and inner silence, the mind is calm, and therefore ego loses it power over you, which means that you become free from futile thinking, worries and restless thinking. At such times, the spirit within, the real you, is not hindered by the mind, thoughts and desires. Consciousness becomes clear, and you are aware of your real essence, which is beyond petty thoughts, problems, ego and personality. 

Problems and obstacles might continue, but they will not overpower you. You will be able to deal with them calmly, without letting them affect your mind and thinking.

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