To Think, or not to Think Every Moment of the Day

Thinking Mind

Do you think from morning to night without stopping for a moment?

The mind is like a machine that works nonstop. It always thinks, analyzes, compares, and evaluates, discusses and comments.

At other times, it is busy with worries and fears, creating non-existing problems and trying to solve them.

You might not be aware of this constant process, because you have become used to it. You become aware of it, when you need you study, learn or focus your mind. Then, you discover how restless the mind it.

Should you let your mind think all the time, or do you need to stop it at times?

Even a machine stops working now and then. You switch off the engine of your car when you arrive at your destination. Why shouldn’t the mind rest too? To some extent, it is in a state of rest in deep sleep, but what about the day?

Do you gain anything by constantly thinking?

What Happens when You Cannot Stop Thinking?

  1. You waste a lot of energy.
  2. You worry about unimportant matters.
  3. You cannot focus your mind.
  4. You lack attention.
  5. You cannot meditate.
  6. Constant thinking prevents you from being completely aware of what is going inside your mind.
  7. Constant thinking prevents you from being completely aware of what is going around you.
  8. Thoughts cover and hide your “inner self”, just as clouds hide the sun.

I am not telling to stop thinking completely. You are living in a world, where thinking is useful and valuable. What I am saying is that there are many unnecessary thoughts passing through the mind every minute of the day. These thoughts carry your mind where they want, like a leaf that is carried by the wind.

The question is not whether to think, or not think at all. What you need is to reduce the number of “useless thoughts” in your mind. This will enhance your awareness, and help you live in the moment. Then, your mind would become peaceful, and you would enjoy inner peace at any moment of the day and night.

This is like dispersing the clouds that hide the sun, and enjoying the pleasant and warm rays of the sun.

Trying to be aware of your thoughts, and learning a little detachment, would take you a long way toward reducing, and even eliminating useless thinking. This would be a big step toward better meditation, inner peace, and becoming more aware and conscious of your inner being.

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