Two Cats Facing Each Other on a Fence

Two Cats

Have you seen what happens when two cats meet on a fence or on top of a narrow wall? They stand facing each other, howling at each other and showing their teeth. No one is willing to let the other pass.

Similar incidents take place between human beings. Often, there is no tolerance, no patience and no flexibility, and also an inflated ego, each one thinking that he or she is right, and want to have his or her way. This leads to clashes, disputes, and lack of harmony. This happens at home, at the office, at the school, and almost everywhere else. This also happens between groups of people, religions, and countries.

It is as if people see that world through a certain kind of eyeglasses, which distorts reality. What about looking at the world, without the eyeglasses?

Think about it. The physical bodies of all people are made from similar stuff. The Spirit that animates the body comes from the same source. Feelings are common to people, and are triggered by thoughts and external situations. What remains, and, which makes all the difference between people, are their thoughts and belief systems.

People cling to their thoughts and beliefs. They fight for them and protect them, sometimes hurting others in the process. Why?

Suppose two babies were born to the same family. One stays with their family, and the other is delivered for adoption to people in a different country. When they grow up, they might belong to different religions, different nations, and different belief systems. These are two brothers, born to the same parents, but they are so different, because they grew in different places. What does this mean? It means that one’s education, and the place where one lives tend to program the mind accordingly.

What happens when people go to sleep? Where are their thoughts and beliefs? They are as if not existent. At the time of sleep there is harmony, no animosity and no fights.

What happens if someone is able to rise above thoughts and mental programming while being awake, to be conscious and awake, yet without thoughts? Can he or she still belong to certain a group, religion or nation at that very moment? What happens when one does not identify with his or her thoughts? I am not saying that this easy and feasible for everyone, but this is a big step toward spiritual awakening.

When one can rise above differences, realize their unreality, understand that thoughts and feelings are not permanent, and therefore clinging to them can cause suffering, and that there is a higher consciousness beyond them, one starts to live a more happy, free, and peaceful life.

What can you do to facilitate this situation? Learn to free your mind from restless and unnecessary thoughts. Learn detachment, attain some measure of inner peace, and then the Spirit within, which is always there, and, which is above differences, nationality, and religion will shine forth.

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Remez Sasson

writes and teaches, through his articles and books, about inner growth and awakening, peace of mind, and developing one's inner powers. He is the founder of, a website about meditation, inner peace and spirituality.

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