Watkins Books London

Watkins Books London

There is a bookstore in London, which I always enjoy visiting. It is called Watkins Books. It is situated near Leicester Square, at 19-21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road. On each visit to London, I visit Watkins books, spending time browsing, reading, and of course, buying a few books from the very large collection of books they have.

Watkins Books specialize in books about esoteric subjects, spirituality, meditation, Indian philosophies and spiritual masters, mysticism, astrology, various methods of divination, magic and the occult, and self improvement.

It is probably the oldest bookstore on these subjects, having been founded more than 100 years ago.

On one of my visits to Watkins Books, many years ago, I discovered a book, which I liked very much. The words in the book spoke directly to my inner consciousness, and brought me a great sense of inner peace and inner happiness.

The book had a hard cover and contained many pages. I wanted to buy it, but as it was a bit too expensive, and I had already bought several books, and also did some shopping, I did not want to have overweight luggage when returning back home.

However, since the book was very intriguing, I said myself that I will come back to the bookshop at the end of my stay in London, and maybe I will buy it then.

On the last day of my visit I happened to be quite near Watkins Books, but as I was with friends, and the flight back was due in just a few hours later, I decided not to go to the bookstore.

When I arrived home, I kept thinking about that book. There was something in it that spoke right to the soul, so I decided to write a letter to Watkins Books. I did not remember the name of the book nor the name of the author, but in my letter I told them exactly where I saw it, on which shelf, how it looked and the color of its cover. I remembered that its name included the word “I”.

A few weeks later, I was surprised and thrilled to receive a letter from Watkins Books, informing me the book I was asking about is “I am that”, which contains transcribed conversations with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, with whom I was not familiar until then. This was the exact book I was looking for. Of course, I immediately sent them money to purchase it.

I was happy to receive the book in the mail some time later. After reading it once, I read it over and again, several times.

Reading even just a few lines from the book, brought me a great sense of inner peace and made my mind quiet. It had on me the same effect as of deep meditation.

Reading a few lines before starting the day and going to work, transported the mind to higher levels, and set a peaceful and happy mood for the whole day.

It was through this book, “I am that”, I became acquainted with the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Later, I searched for other books about his teachings, most of them being transcriptions of his talks.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was a non-dualistic spiritual teacher, his teachings being very similar to the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, having the same aim of inner awakening.

I warmly recommend the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment.

By the way, if you want the address of Watkins Books, here it is:
19-21 Cecil Court, London

Watkins Books

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