What Is Freedom?

What is freedom? How would you define it?

Do you think that you are you free?

Being free means a lot of things, but is it real freedom?

What being free means:

  • Living is a free country.
  • Being free to do what you want.
  • Delegating responsibilities to someone else.
  • Being financially independent.
  • Solving, and getting rid a long-standing problem.
  • Enjoying a vacation, away from work.
  • Quitting a job you don’t like.

These are just a few examples of the meaning of freedom.

Real freedom is much more than this. It is an inner experience.

Living in a free country, being able to do whatever you want to do, without restrictions, or being financially independent are great. However this does not necessarily make you feel free. All these things do not free you from mental programming, bias, attachments, or beliefs. You will still confine your consciousness and awareness to a small and limited world.

There is another kind of freedom, real freedom, independent of external situations and circumstances. This is inner freedom, which lets you experience a sense of peace, happiness, and limitless freedom

What are the characteristics of inner freedom?

  1. An open mind, and the willingness to accept new ideas.
  2. Not being afraid to confront different points of view.
  3. Common sense.
  4. The ability to see things from various points of view, not just one.
  5. Tolerance, and the ability to understand other people, without bias or through the colored glasses of one’s beliefs and mental programming.
  6. Not getting influenced by other people’s thoughts, ideas or beliefs.
  7. The ability to accept new ideas, to try new things, and be willing to make changes in one’s life.
  8. Possessing a certain degree of emotional detachment, which is the opposite of attachment. Being attached to possessions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas is like being tied by a rope. This is a complete lack of freedom.

Inner freedom means inner peace, the ability to free the mind of thoughts, ideas and beliefs. It is a state of not being compelled to think or act in this or that way. If you can gain this state you will feel free wherever you are.

Being free means living with no emotional and mental shackles that tie you down.

How can you gain inner freedom?
You gain it in the same way that you gain inner peace. They are interrelated. I will not get into detail here, since I covered these topic in other articles, which you can find at this website. If you feel that this subject is dear to you, I suggest that you read the book Peace of Mind in the Busy Daily Life, in which you can find practical information, instructions, advice and exercises.

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