What Is Spirituality? – Various Definitions

What Is Spirituality

If you ask people what is spirituality you will get many different answers.

Some people would say that spirituality means religion and being religious.

Others would say it is the belief in God.

There are people, for whom spirituality means anything to do with the soul and spirit.

Some people associate spirituality with the new age movement, with healing, psychic powers, Astrology and the paranormal.

For a few, spirituality means meditation and spiritual awakening.

As you see, spirituality means different things to different people. Maybe there other descriptions of what is spirituality. All these points of view share the idea that spirituality is something above and beyond the physical world.

People often view spirituality as something mysterious, above comprehension, or something so sublime you should not think of.

Isn’t it interesting that there are so many interpretations of what spirituality is?

The matter is that most people never think about this topic. They accept what they were told when young or embrace the common view of the people around them and it’s enough for them. They live day after day, without going deeply into this subject.

Most people, even if not religious, grow up with a certain, usually vague, belief and never question it.

Spirituality is a word used in different connotations, meaning different things to different people. It is a broad concept with many perspectives, but in general, it refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than us.

Spirituality can also be interpreted as the process of awakening and rising above the ego. It can be interpreted as the process of awakening to a wider consciousness, not limited by thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and as living in the present.

Spirituality could also mean freeing the mind from fears and worries and nonstop thinking, and experiencing inner peace and bliss.

You might also view spirituality as the search to know your real self, to discover the true nature of consciousness.

How do you interpret spiritually? How would you answer the question, what is spirituality?

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