5 Reasons Why You Need Concentration When You Meditate


What happens a few minutes after you start to meditate? You suddenly discover that you stopped meditating, and were thinking about something else.

This happens due to lack of concentration and the inability to focus the mind. This happens not just with meditation, but with every other activity, be it work, study, or anything else that requires focusing the attention.

The tendency of the mind is always to move, to jump from one thought to another, never standing still. This is very unhelpful and distracting. This habit needs to be changed, if you want to progress on the path of meditation.

5 Reasons Why You Need Concentration for Better Meditation

1. You need concentration to be able to focus on the topic of your meditation

Without concentration, your mind will wander from one thought to another, and that’s not meditation.

Sitting down for ten twenty or thirty minutes, with the intention to meditate, but instead, just daydream and think about everything under the sun is not meditation.

2. Lack of concentration wastes your time

This has much to do with the previous point. When sit down to meditate, but your mind is constantly moving from one thought to another, you accomplish nothing. You just waste your time.

You need to focus, and not allow other thoughts distract your attention. To do so, you need willpower and self-discipline. You also need to teach yourself to focus. This you can do by practicing focus exercises.

If you daydream or let your mind fly from one thought to another like a butterfly, there is no meditation and no progress.

You might enjoy daydreaming and just sitting down, but the time passes, and you make no progress.

3. Focusing your mind reduces the number of thoughts in your mind

Focusing on one thought or topic prevents other thoughts from entering your mind. It is like a gatekeeper that keeps unwanted visitors away.

4. Lack of concentration allows all kinds of thoughts to arise in your mind

If you lack concentration you won’t be able to stop the constant flow of thoughts in your mind. These thoughts are often negative and weakening, or about things you have read, heard or seen, and are of no importance.

These thoughts tend to occupy the mind all the time, preventing you from entering a deeper state of meditation.

5. You need concentration for inner peace

The stronger your concentration is, the more control you have over your mind. With a well-developed ability you would be able to make your mind quiet.

When the mind becomes quiet, you enter into a state of inner peace. This leads to heightened awareness, a sense of bliss and to the realization of deeper truths about life and about you.

This happens because inner peace removes the thoughts that cover your inner sight. It’s like removing the clouds that hide the sun.

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  1. Great article on the reasoning on why we need to concentraite. Being someone who used to fantasize a lot, mindfulness has helped me tremendously. While it is nice to be somewhere else but here, the trick is to focus on your goals in this, ‘dimension’.

    And mindfulness has a great benefit of increasing your intuition, so not only will it help you focus, but you may recieve creative insights into any goals you are currently persueing.

    Thank for posting

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